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Big Blues Mid-Major Top 10 Schedule (Week 3)

Friday   09/18

#3 Boise St @ #8 Fresno State

Saturday 09/19

Fla. St. @ #1 BYU

#2 Utah @ Oregon

Tex. St.(San Marcos) @ #4 TCU

#5 Tulsa @ Oklahoma

#6 Houston has a Bye Week

Virginia @ #7 So. Miss

#9 Air Force @ New Mexico

#10 E. Carolina @ N. Carolina

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Big Blues Mid-Major Top 10

Two weeks are in the books and the top 5 remain the same. There are four new teams in the top 20 this week, Hawaii, La. Lafeyette, SMU, and Colorado St (Really because I was having trouble getting the 20th team and they are 2-0) Out from last week Rice, Troy, N.Texas St, and UTEP.

1   BYU       (2-0)  Still #1

2   Utah      (2-0)  Last week was #2

3   Boise St (2-0)  Remains #3

4   TCU        (1-0)  Last week was #4

5   Tulsa      (2-0) No change from last week

6   Houston (2-0) Was #8 last week. Beat Okla St

7   So. Miss (2-0)  Up from #9

8   Fresno St (1-1) #6 last week

9   Air Force (1-1) #7 last week

10 E. Carolina (1-1) #11 last week

     Next Ten: Bowling Green (1-1), Cent. Mich (1-1), Mid. Tenn (1-1), Nevada (0-1), Hawaii (2-0), UAB (1-1), Buffalo (1-1), La. Lafayette (2-0), SMU (2-0), Colorado St (2-0)
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Big Blues Top 10 Mid-Major Football Poll

We have week one in the books and the Mid-Majors had some good showings for week 1 and have already started fueling the fire over the BCS Rankings. This most likely will continue for the rest of the year. Some changes from Week 1, so here we go.

1  BYU         (1-0) Was #5 last week. when you beat a top 5 BCS school on their home field you deserve #1 ranking

2  Utah        (1-0) Was #1 last week. Beat Utah State 35-17

3  Boise St   (1-0) Was 33 last week also. Beat an over rated Oregon team on their home field.

4  TCU         (0-0)  Had a Bye week, can't punish them for that. Remains #4 same was week 1

5  Tulsa       (1-0) Was #2 last week, somebody had to take a fall for BYU. Tulsa beat a pitiful Tulane team 37-13

6  Fresno St(1-0) Was #10 last week, destroyed UC Davis 51-0 and some other teams in front of them lost

7  Air Force (1-0) Heu when you win 72-0 against anybody you deserve to be in the top 10

8  Houston   (1-0) Won 55-7. Was ranked 12th last week

9  So Miss    (1-0) Won 52-0. Was ranked 13th last week

10Bowling Gr(1-0) When you beat the #9 team 31-14, you deserve to jump into the top 10

           Next 10;  East Carolina (1-0) Cent Mich (0-1) UAB (1-0) Buffalo (1-0) Nevada (0-1) Rice (0-1) Troy (0-) N.Tex.St (1-0) UTEP (0-1) And Middle Tenn (0-1)
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Big Blues Mid-Major Top 10 Schedule For Week 1

Here is the week 1 schedule of my Top 10 Mid-Major football teams. There are some really interesting matchups this first week of the College Season mainly Boise State vs Oregon and BYU at Oklahoma a couple of early games aginst the big boys to see how the Mid-Majors will fare this year. Also #9 Troy at top 25 Bowling Green should make for a great Mid-Major matchup for teams from different conferences. On with the schedule.

Thursday 9/3

#1 Utah vs Utah State
#3 Boise St vs Oregon
#9 Troy at Bowling Green

Friday 9/4

#2 Tulsa at Tulane

Saturday 9/5

#5 BYU at Oklahoma
#6 East Car vs Appalachian St
#7 Cent Mich at Arizona
#8 Rice at UAB
#10 Fresno St vs UC Davis

And #4 TCU has a bye week.
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2009 Mid-Major Running Backs

Ok so far we have done the Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers, now it's time to pick the top Ruuning Backs for 2009 in non BCS Schools. Any questions, input, or additional information is always welcome in these blogs.

1) Andre Anderson (Tulane)  Season cut short a year ago because of shoulder injury. The senior has something to prove in 09

2) James Starks (Buffalo)  Last year had over 1700 yards and 17 td's. The Buffalo offense is built around the Senior RB

3) Bryce Beall (Houston)  had over 1700 yards and 17 scores as a Freshman. Expect more of the same this year

4) Daniel Porter (La Tech)  With Patrick Jackson graduating Porter will be the #1 RB in 09 as Senior

5) Matt Asiata (Utah)  Has size and speed and has been named the #1 RB in a system that loves to run the football

If I missed your favorite player sorry, this is a very small list of top running backs on non BCS teams. If you have a list of your own let me see it. As I said before this an open Blog and all opinions and comments are welcome.

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2009 Top Mid-Major Receivers

Ok so we have paid tribute to the top Mid-Major Quarterbacks for 2009 now it's time to review the guys who catch all those passes. This list is not intended to be a complete list of top receivers. If your favorite receiver is not on here please feel free to comment and post your list of top Receivers.

1) Aldrick Robinson (SMU)  Sixth in the nation with a 104.7 yards per game receiving

2) Damaris Johnson (Tulsa)  Fifth nationally in all purpose yards in 2008 176.7/pg and 53 catches and 10 td's

3) Tyron Carrier (Houston)  As a Freshman in 08 80 catches, 1,026 yards, and 9 td's

4) Emmanuel Sanders (SMU)  Schools all time leader in career receiving td's with 27

5) Deandre Brown (So. Miss)  Freshman all american honors in 08 67/1117/12 broke his leg in Bowl Game last yr vs Troy. quest for start of season

6) Naaman Roosevelt (Buffalo)  104/1402/13 in 08 all school records. has a new QB for 09, but still will be focal point in offense

7) Antonio Brown (Cent. Mich.)  Led the nation in punt returns 20.5/pg finished 4th nationall in all purpose yds 178.1/pg plus 93/998/7 in 08

Next up the Running Backs
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Top Mid-Major Quarterbacks For 2009

What better way to continue recognizing the Mid-Major Football programs than to give some exposure to their top players, with that being said I can't think of a better place to start than at quarterback. These are listed in no paricular order with their 2008 stats.

 Max Hall, sr./ BYU 330-477 69.2%, 3957 yards, 35 td, 14 int, 4 rush td   Andy dalton, jr./ TCU 182-307 59.3%, 2242 yards, 11 td, 5 int, 432 rush yards, 8 rush td   Terrance Cain, jr./ Utah 223-326 68.4%, 3138 yards, 29 td, 11 int, 4 rush td   Kellen Moore, so./ Boise State 281-405 69.4%, 3486 yards, 25 td, 10 int, 1 rush td   Tim Hiller, sr./ WMU 339-522 64.9%, 3725 yards, 36td, 10 int, 1 rush td   Case Keenum, jr./ Houston 397-589 67.45, 5020 yards, 44 td, 11int, 221 rush yards, 7 rush td   Trevor Vittatoe, jr./ UTEP 246-418 58.9%, 3274 yards, 33 td, 9 int, 1 rush td

Of course this is not meant to be a complete list of all the outstanding talent at quarterback at the mid-Majoe level but only a sampling. If your favorite teams Quarterback is not mentioned it is not meant as a snub. I think the most amazing fact about these outstanding players is to look at how many are undeclassmen, out of the 7 top quarterbacks listed there are only 2 Seniors. Speaks well of these programs and their continued success going forward. As usual any comments or thoughts are welcome. 
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Big Blues Early Top 10 Mid-Major Football Poll

With college football still a couple months away thought I would give some kudos to that mid-major college football power that no one gives any credit to. Unlike Basketball it is much harder for these schools to compete with the Big boys when it comes to big time college football. It takes so many more players to be able and compete on the top level, Basketball get you one superstar (I.E. Davidsins Stephon Curry) and a couple of roll players and presto you have a top 20 team. Much, much harder in football because of the physical nature of the game and just the shear number of athletes you need to compete at a high level. Without any further discussion lets get to it. As usual any comments whether negative or positive is welcome. Record in parenthesis is from 2008 seasom.
1. Utah                13-0       14 game win streak and no end in sight.

2. Tulsa              11-3       21 wins the last 2 seasons

3. Boise St         12-1       Coach Peterson 35-4. Kellen Moore back, 3486 passing yards in 2008

4. TCU                 11-2       Ranked #1 in team Defense in 2008

5. BYU                 10-3        Most of offense and defense returns from last year

6. E Carolina        9-5        beat Va.Tech and W.Virginia in 2008. Will battle Tulsa for Conf USA title

7. C.Mich              8-5       Defense-Defense-Defense. Shoud compete for the MAC Championship with Buffalo

8. Rice               10- 3       7-1 conference record last year

9. Troy                  8-5       Top team in the Sun Belt

10Fresno             7-6       must reload after disappointing 2008. They will

                Honorable Mention; Nevada, Houston, So. Miss, Buffalo, La. Tech, Air Force, Ball State, Temple, Middle Tenn., and UTEP

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